New Year’s Concert 2016

Mariss Jansons leads the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the 2016 New Year’s Concert, which I was fortunate to catch on PBS. Julie Andrews was a splendid host and led the audiences through a quite scenic tour of Vienna. The beautiful and charming waltzes of the renowned Strauss family were, as usual, on full display for the concert, brilliantly performed by the great Vienna Philharmonic, and also featured the Vienna Boys’ Choir and Vienna State Ballet. And the Musikverein looked incredible – I must make a visit to Vienna sometime to witness the sheer magnificence of this hall!

Mariss Jansons and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra will be coming to Chicago this year, and if I’m lucky, maybe I can get a student ticket to the performance…just another thing to look forward to for this new year of 2016! But for now, I can listen to the 2016 Janson and VPO’s Neujahrskonzert recording 😀

Happy New Year! (Prosit Neujahr!)


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