Summer 2016: Vienna, Day 4

The last full day in Vienna! A couple of last spots to visit in Vienna before heading off to Salzburg:

  • Stadtpark: This is one of Vienna’s largest parks and because we got there pretty early in the morning, we were able to explore the majority of the park without having to deal with a bunch of other tourists (there were just a couple of locals looking for pokemon). Besides the great scenery and landscaping (pretty much all of Vienna’s gardens and parks have this), there were a lot of statues of Austrian composers. It’s so cool how this country honors all of the famous musicians that have been such
  • The Danube: Ah, the inspiration behind Strauss’ famous Blue Danube waltz! The river is a magnificent sight to behold — the weather was great today, with the sun shining bright onto the river, so there really was a deep blue color stretching out all the way into the hills. Our mom really pushed us to visit the river, so we made sure to make a quick stop before heading off to dinner.
  • Mraz und Sohn: Now Vienna is not really a city known for being a top culinary destination, but there are a good share of restaurants that are widely acclaimed for its bold flavors and unique cuisine. Mraz und Sohn is one of them. Last summer, when we visited Las Vegas, we ate at the legendary Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand, one of America’s few 3-Michelin star restaurants and the only one located in Las Vegas. That was the first Michelin star restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, and so for this trip to Austria, I wanted to try my second Michelin star restaurant and Mraz und Sohn was the perfect place. It’s a 2-Michelin star restaurant (there are three of them in Vienna, with no 3-Michelin star restaurants), and located a bit away from the main downtown area, so it took both the U-Bahn and some walking for us to get there. The restaurant is run by head chef Markus Mraz and his sons (therefore named Mraz und Sohn (“and son”)), and features a fusion of a large variety of cuisines into a really unique style. The restaurant was completely booked, so walk-ins were turned away – when we got there, we learned that we were given the Chef’s Table, so we were seated with a bird’s eye view of the kitchen, where we saw all of the action go on. The kitchen is an intense, high-pressure environment – at least that’s what I got from watching tons of cooking shows and movies – and it was no different here at Mraz und Sohn. The food was incredible – although we only ordered the 6-course meal, we probably ended up eating close to 12 courses because there were a bunch of “greetings” from the kitchen. My favorite dishes include the Wagyu beef and the octopus, but each dish had something memorable about it, which made my second Michelin star restaurant experience one to remember.

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