Riccardo Muti returns to La Scala!

Well…not exactly – Maestro Muti actually went back to La Scala last June for a special exhibit in honor of his 75th birthday, but today, January 20th, actually marks his conducting return to La Scala’s podium since 2005 (where he last appeared with the Vienna Philharmonic). He and the CSO are in Milan for two concerts as part of their European tour. I believe it’s also the return of the CSO to La Scala, having last appeared there in 1981 w/ Solti, so all in all, a very special occasion (warranting a blog post)! Recently, lots has been written about his return, and from what I’ve gathered, there’s some push for him to conduct Verdi’s La Forza del Destino in the future, but he’s interested in doing Catalani’s La Wally (both are great options 😀 ). Anyways, whatever happens, it’s super awesome that there is actual discussion about him doing opera at La Scala (and to be honest, he’s still probably the best person to lead La Scala today…).

In other news, Maestro Muti is also going to be conducting the 2018 New Year’s Concert in Vienna (his 5th time!) – super excited about that as well, but there’s probably no chance of getting tickets for that haha. And, speaking of tickets, this summer’s production of Verdi’s Aida at the Salzburg Festival is (apparently) completely sold out!

Update (1/21/17): Muti/CSO at La Scala in 2020?!!  https://twitter.com/teatroallascala/status/822926795372691462 


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