While I wait for my train to arrive at Union Station (no express trains on the weekends…), I figured I could get a head start on this post before another hectic school week begins tomorrow. Anyways, I attended a matinee performance of Bellini’s Norma this Sunday afternoon, and it has definitely been the music highlight of the year so far!  Two weeks ago, I attended a discussion at the Italian Cultural Institute downtown, featuring conductor Riccardo Frizza and singer Andrea Silvestrelli (Oroveso), and it seemed from the conversation that the production at Lyric was definitely going to be focused on the music, which was nice to hear (glad that it actually was true too!).

This opera – classic bel canto – is one of my favorite operas of all time…I might have five or six versions of it on my iTunes? (A Muti recording from the 70’s, with Caballe, Cossotto, and Cossutta in Vienna tops my list.) Just like Nabucco, practically every song in the opera is just a pleasure to listen to, and when it’s performed well, there are truly some divine moments. This was definitely the case for today’s performance at Lyric, as the main cast (Sondra Radvanovsky, Elizabeth DeShong, Russell Thomas, and Andrea Silvestrelli) were totally on point. A fantastic way to start the week!

In other news, Lyric will be revealing its new season this week, so I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got planned (I should’ve asked Anthony today for some hints, as I just submitted a guess for a contest they’re running…we’ll see how many I get right!). 


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