A Start of a New Decade: Happy 2020!

What news to wake up to, let alone on the first day of 2020: Maestro Muti will be conducting the 2021 Neujahrskonzert (New Year’s Concert) in Vienna, with the Wiener Philharmoniker! Articles in Der Standard, the Kurier, and Die Presse all outline the exciting news, including a new update on the Vienna Philharmonic’s website.

This will mark the sixth time that Maestro Muti will have conducted this beloved holiday concert, which is usually broadcasted all over the world and seen by millions and millions of viewers. A quick look at the history of the concert indicates that ever since the practice of choosing a new conductor each year was introduced in 1987 (with Herbert von Karajan as the conductor of that concert), Maestro Muti will have conducted this concert the most times in history, compared to any other conductor! To be honest though, I kind of expected Maestro Muti to be chosen again for this concert (though I didn’t expect it to be this soon!), as there really aren’t many conductors nowadays that enjoy such a close relationship with the orchestra. Nevertheless, what a fantastic start to 2020, and who knows…maybe a trip to Vienna will be in store for the upcoming year 🙂 Happy 2020 to all!

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